lifestyle: mobile apps in a snap

“We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.” –Carl Sagan

Life itself is mobile, so why be static in an age of constant change? Here is a list of my must-have mobile apps to keep life mentally clutter-free.

(1) Camscanner

Imagine playing operation with the terrifying fear of dropping the bone in the femur. You need a steady hand for this one and good lighting, but Camscanner does an good job of editing the image to be acceptable. It also allows you to save the documents in several formats and quickly send them where they need to go. The only hangup is the Camscanner logo on the bottom of your pics, in bold, mind you. If you really need to have a professional looking document, then upgrade to premium- but for personal use, it’s not necessary.

Android // iPhone

(2) Photoscan

Long gone are the days of pharmacy drop-off and pick-up photos. With the advancement in photo-technology comes Photoscan. Easily save those 90s memories into a digital profile and share with all your family and friends.

Android // iPhone

(3) Tab

There is always one George Castanza in a group of friends; don’t be him. Tab allow users to easily scan a receipt to determine  who should pay for which items. Tax and tip are calculated accordingly, so you don’t have to break out the calculator or conduct some mathematical wizardry in your head.

Android // iPhone

(4) If (If This, Then, That)

I heard God’s choir when I found this savior. It’s true- just believe. If connects almost 300 other apps in one central hub, including Spotify, Instagram, and Google Drive. You can sync your platforms, organize your life, and track your lifestyle in one click.

Android // iPhone

(5) Pocket

Sometimes I just want to browse the internet but not read anything requiring much focus, or I may want to save something to check out later, when I can devote my full attention to it. Slide in Pocket. You can save articles, videos, or links to Pocket and revisit them when it best suits you.  Pocket is tailored to you. It is based on your reading style and preferences, and if you elect, will send you notifications about items that may be of interest to you. For the millennial multi-tasker, its text-to-speech feature is great to listen to when you’re just plain tired.

Android // iPhone