lifestyle: quasi-relationships and singledom

“Love is so short, forgetting is so long.” –Pablo Neruda

Relationships, or quasi-relationships, are the norm these days. And with the impending Valentine’s Day holiday, it is easy to get wrapped up in your singledom. It is also just as easy to sit on a throne of lies and believe your relationship is healthy, and not just comfortable.

Here are a few reminders for those in relationships:

  1. No one owns you.
  2. Do not disrespect your partner. Do not cheat, lie, or betray one another. Once trust is gone, so is any chance of a strong relationship.
  3. If you are confused or frustrated, move on. The other person is playing you either intentionally or as a result of his insecurities. Boy, bye!
  4. Every relationship will teach you something:  what you want, what you do not want, and what you should never tolerate. Learn from your past.
  5. Love will make you stupid. Truly, completely, and utterly stoopid. Hopefully, the person who you are in love with will not abuse that love.
  6. You may fall out of love, or realize after years of being in a relationship that you were never in love to begin with. It’s okay.
  7. Do not speak ill of your exes, even if it is true. Harping on the negative will make you come off as angry and bitter. It’s emotional self-sabotage. Find the beauty in peace.
  8. Only talk to your closest friends about your relationship issues; this allows you to maintain your privacy but still get an outsider’s perspective on the relationship. Sometimes you are too close to a person to realize who he really is.
  9. Speak your truth. Do not just say, “I’m fine.” Address the issue and come to a solution.
  10. If he cares, then he will change. If not, he has just revealed his true face. Choose yourself before you give to another.

For all those single gals waiting to finally find a good man, wait till mid-March. This is peak season for break-ups and fresh beginnings.



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