lifestyle: fit, young, and fresh

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”  –Astrid Alauda

The best tip that I ever received about weight loss and maintenance is know thy self. Some of us love breakfast, others desert, which is why diet plans fail. Do not tailor your size to a generic fit. My biggest food struggle has always been the munchies. Mindless eating watching GoT or a sappy rom-com on lonely nights does not help the waistline when you’re trying to find Mr. Right.

Here are 4 tips to beat those nom-nom-oops-gone moments:

  1. Something crunchy? Avoid those chips, even the ‘baked‘ ones. Empty calories, unnecessary oils, and gross breath. Solution- cut up radishes, celery, and carrots! Place these wholesome, snappy bites in a plastic container with a small amount of water on the bottom, so they don’t lose their freshness.
  2. Chocolate? True, it is your best friend; let’s not deny ourselves this indulgent fact. However, too much, not so cute. First step is to admit you are a woman; second step is to admit you need more magnesium in your system. Find it in nuts, seeds, and leafy greens. Bonus, this mineral serves to relax the body and combat stress! Best way to get your daily dose is by eating spinach, which has no taste. Blend it into a smoothie, and you have a delish superfood in the palm of your hands.
  3. Something sweet? Drink water. Craving sweets indicates a lack of chromium in the body, and the most readily available source to find it is your local tap, the faucet, not the corner bar.
  4. Something fatty? Guac, me. You’re low on essential fatty acids and oils. Think omega-3 and the lux hair commercials. Best bet is to hold off on the snacks and enjoy a healthy meal with fish, like salmon, as your core consumable. Other options include buying supplements, but they have yet to come up with a chewy or Flintstones-esque version of these fatty oils. Gotta swallow that pill whole, much like life.



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